Monday, March 24, 2008

World Food Program Launches Emergency Appeal

Having been in Mexico for a week now, I have had a chance to talk to numerous people about immigration. What I am being told is that the stronger border enforcement, frequent raids and harsh treatment at detention are keeping people home.

Some people may think that is a good thing. But as food costs skyrocket, more and more people in Mexico will be hungry -

as it is many people barely make enough to pay their bus tickets to work.

from headlines 3-24-08:

World Food Program Launches Emergency Appeal Due to Rising Food Costs

The World Food Program has launched an “extraordinary emergency appeal” to raise at least $500 million in the next four weeks. In a letter to donor nations, the UN agency said food aid would have to be rationed off if the new funds are not received by May 1. The World Food Program said its funding gap is largely caused by soaring food prices as well as record high oil prices.

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