Tuesday, March 11, 2008

While we were sleeping

This came up by way of AP- I knew about it, but had not taken it as seriously as I should have. Apparently the GOP hasn't learned that this type of anti-immigrant baiting will cause them very serious problems at the polls.

At the same time, it just shows that we can't stop watching for a minute. The GOP is trying to pass something that could be even worse than was presented before...


GOP Moves to Force Immigration Vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans are trying to force action on a Democratic-written immigration enforcement measure, the latest GOP attempt to elevate the volatile issue into an election-year wedge.

Republican leaders hope that by pushing the bill — endorsed by 48 centrist Democrats and 94 Republicans — they can drive Democrats into a politically painful choice: Backing a tough immigration measure that could alienate their base, including Hispanic voters, or being painted as soft on border security in conservative-leaning districts.

The plan is fraught with political risks for both parties. A full-blown immigration debate could call attention to Republicans' divisions at a time when their expected presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, is fighting to gain the trust of the GOP base...

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