Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saving the U.S. from the S.A.V.E. Act - part I

There is still very little information out on HB 4088 the impending immigration bill - As mentioned before it would be an arbitrary law - that appears draconian in every way. Today I checked the NYT, and the Washington Post - there was nothing published on the bill. In order to make HB4088 - the S.A.V.E. act less secret - I will be posting information from the Thomas Congressional Report.

from the S.A.V.E. ACT:


    (a) In General- The Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall develop strategies to inform the public of changes in immigration policies created by provisions in this legislation.
    (b) Notification of Changes to Employment Verification Process- The Secretary of Labor shall employ, at his or her discretion, a combination of print, television, internet, and radio media to notify employers of changes to the employment verification process. These multilingual media campaigns should be targeted toward non-citizen communities and those most likely to employ non-citizens. Announcements should encourage compliance with new legislation and should explain penalties for noncompliance with provisions within this Act.
    (c) Multilingual Media Campaign- The Secretary of Homeland Security shall also develop a multilingual media campaign explaining the extent of this legislation, the timelines therein, and the penalties for noncompliance with this Act. Announcements should be targeted toward undocumented aliens and should emphasize--
      (1) provisions in this Act that enhance border security and interior enforcement;
      (2) the benefits of voluntary removal of undocumented aliens;
      (3) punishment for apprehension and forced removal of undocumented aliens; and
      (4) legal methods of reentering the United States, including temporary work visas.
    (d) Cooperation With Other Governments- The Secretary of Homeland Security shall make all reasonable attempts to cooperate with the Governments of Mexico and the countries of Central America in implementing a media campaign that raises awareness of the issues in paragraph (2).

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