Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Military provision, an OPTION, a CHOICE, a DREAM

I would be the person with the differing opinion from La Raza Educators and those opposing the provision...and I'm glad debating is an option...

1. Europe is the same, they HATE "undocumented"..NOT assuming that that's what anyone would do..I'm not sure how fast and easy Mexico deals with visas to move/work/travel in Europe...and i also do not know the process but, will definitely call my contacts to figure it out and inform others...this article gives you more insight...Illegal Immigrants Become Focus of the Election Campaign in Italy (

2. Over 4,000 soldiers have received their citizenship within the last 5 years of the "war empty of reason" matter what, if that is their will, then they will serve no matter what...Had there not been present WAR activity would you feel the same? What if it were a different cause? -not that loosing lives is GOOD, and for the record I disapprove of the WAR - WAR IS A WEAPON Of MASS DESTRUCTION...check out more debate here: Outlook: Short on Soldiers? Not if They'd Take Non-Citizens (

3. If my friends desire to serve our country and be part of the military, I will not stop his or her CHOICE/DREAM...It is there OPTION, DESIRE AND GOAL...I'm sure many would like to have a professional career from the armed forces...and to say "Some of them don't mind [going into the military]," Victor Contrers said. "They did that stuff in Mexico, and they wouldn't mind doing it here to get their legal paperwork" from the article and below blog: Should we give citizenship to those who serve? - Now that is just plain ignorant...we are talking about students who have lived in this country for over 5 years, who for the most part have learned the English language, are looking forward to graduating from HS and college, and have never done any type of military service, who exactly did he think we were talking about, my 53 year-old tio JOSE, Comandante de las Fuerzas Armadas Mexicanas, who just recently arrived from Mexico?(I'm being sarcastic)

4. I truly do not feel that all this was planned...The military department can make a proposal/law at any time for recruiting purpose to obtain a path toward citizenship if you enlist... and then what? the likelihood that students join would be higher than if they had the OPTION/CHOICE to fulfill 1 of the three... Receive 2-year degree-associates or complete 2-years of a 4 year degree or serve in the military for 2-years within a 6-year period.

5. Contrers says.. "You're going to prey on the weakest members of society," said Sheppard, who said he thinks the war was poorly handled. "They are trying to look for some sort of cheap way of filling the ranks."............... Are DREAMERs really the WEAKEST members of society, if they have succeeded a lifetime of education, becoming overachieving, talented youth?... for the most part most stories of undocumented students shared from across the country state that they were brought as a "CHILD..." they are as American as I am and have been educated in the same environment, probably in a richer environment, but it is hard to say well educated DREAMERS will overflow the recruiting offices if they have choices. I can't say that all DREAMERS are education-driven, but I can say that those around me never speak about joining the military if the DREAM Act passed.

I am opened-minded, and I read lots of stories of US citizens who disagree with the mission and direction the WAR has taken and in many ways this problem has influenced the way we feel about DREAMERS opting for the military provision. It breaks my heart on a daily basis to hear that innocent Iraqis are also paying the consequences. Nobody is right or wrong, I respect everyones opinion, but my opinion, beliefs and values will not influences someone Else's DREAM.

I wish that ALL IMMIGRANTES be allowed a path toward citizenship...



fash said...

Excellent post, so I hope you don't mind if I throw my two cents in.

You know, as much as I support the Dream Act, I've had to turn a blind eye towards the military option, much like I had to do with the age limit. Here are my reasons why:

1. The DREAM Act is the ONLY CIR measure that has such harsh requirements. Does anybody believe that a wider amnesty for the 12 million will include a requirement to complete an education or military service? None has yet. Why is it that the group of undocumented migrants who had no choice (in most cases) but to break immigration law is to be given a harder time of getting legal than the rest?

2. Most of the DREAMers I speak to are college educated, or educating, or headed there after high school, and because of this I think you guys are forgetting that not everybody can do this. There are many DREAMers who are high school drop outs, who will have a hard time just passing their GED, much less passing two years of college course. There are many who won't be able to get scholarships, and don't live in Texas where financial aid is offered. There are many who are not fluent in English--so adding a few years of ESOL education, which wouldn't count towards the two years most likely, PLUS the two years, it would be hard to complete in 6 years. Then there are simply life circumstances: if their parents get deported, caring for their siblings; having their own kids; losing jobs; etc. In some of these cases, an extension might apply, but in most it wouldn't.

So, I'm with you in that, while I disapprove of war, I'm completely okay with any DREAMer who decides to take the military option. My problem is that I want the military option to be a choice, and I feel that many DREAMers won't have that choice and will have to be forced into the military option because they can't afford an education.

...I don't know. Thoughts?

Donajih- said...

I honestly didn't think about the financial burden(becuase each state will decided to offer financial aid or not), primarily because Texas students can apply for financial aid and didn't think beyond our state...what you mentioned is well pointed out...and tought that the DREAM Act wouldn't have any type of negative influence regarding financial aid...but it very will...

I did leave out the population you mentined and you are right..many will not have the choice to select education because of many barriers, ...just take the following for example: Recent immigrants will not be likely to select the military option because their perception of the military is not the same as one who has been in the states longer time...say all their lives

thanks for the feedback...and other points :-)

juli said...

Thanks so much Fash!!!

I am so frustrated because u do understand. Many times DREAM Advocates get so lost and think that all qualified DREAMERS will go to college because that is the only thing they know... but truth is no. Many, and many... i need to repeat, will be left out of options and will choose the military option.

There are many DREAMERs out there that have to take care of families, cant afford college and are not the best students, not because they dont want to, but because they have 2 or three jobs to take care of and when another option like the military comes along... well, im afraid they will go for that.

Thanks one again.