Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Saga of Jose Jesus Vieyra Part II


Houston tv stations reported Vieyra's accident, the sheriff was considering the Deputy's death as criminally negligent homicide. The photos of the wreck were sensational - Deputy Miller's SUV was totally destroyed - since it could not be verified first that Vierya was undocumented - the whole story was about Miller's death and Vierya's guilt.

Reports increased the focus on Vieyra - making him look more guilty by the minute. Then Miller was found to have an extremely high alcohol count in his body. It was reported that Miller had a problem with alcohol. There were no skid marks from Miller's truck. I wonder how fast was he going?

Have you every been at an intersection, look both ways very carefully, see that it is clear, take off and before you know it someone almost hits you from behind? You wonder, how in the world did that happen. It could have been that Vieyra did not see Miller coming. Another possibility is that Miller was going so fast that he was very far away when Vieyra entered the feeder - far enough for Vieyra to feel safe enough to cross the three lanes. But if Miller was going 60-70 or 80, he might have come upon Vieyra so quickly, neither one of them had time to react.

As for the alcohol content in Miller's body - the EMT's that picked him up after the accident would have known immediately that he had been drinking. Especially if he had 3x the legal limit in his body. Perhaps it had to wait for an official report from the medical examiner. But interesting that Miller was innocent until proven intoxicated. Vieyra was guilty from the begining - even though officials did not have all the information to make an informed decision on the charges.


Fox News Houston
February 23, 2008

Right now a tragic accident claims the life of a 20 year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The Deputy was working undercover when this accident occurred. Fox 2's Andrea Watkins joins us live from Harris County with details. Andrea, what can you tell us? Sibila and Jose [the tv news anchors] we learned this morning just a few minutes ago that the Harris County Sheriff's Deputy is investigating this case now as an accident criminally negligent homicide. The Sheriff's deputy who was driving east on the I-10 feeder road near Mason when a large box truck cut out in front of him. The deputy was in an unmarked SUV and could not avoid hitting the truck. The crash rolled the deputy's vehicle and hten it hit a concrete barrier. We still don't have the deputy's name, but he was a 20 year veteran to the department and he will be sadly missed. You can't say how big a loss it is, how big a loss it is for the Sheriff's Deputy, the Sheriff's deputy family and his personal family too. Hard to imagine, the driver of the box truck was not injured in the crash and he has not been charged with anything, but the nature of this investigation, criminally negligent homicide makes you think it's headed that way. Investigators say he was trying to pull directly across three lanes of traffic to get on this ramp on I-10. Very dangerous move, and as we've been saying this morning we have seen this before, its very scary and this time it claimed the life - it's a shame that he claimed the life of a deputy that he could not avoid hitting the truck. Reporting LIVE from West Harris County, Andrea Watkins, Fox 26 news.

March 1, 2008

Thanks Mike. A man involved in a traffic accident last week is facing very seroius charges today. He's the driver accused of hitting and killing a Harris County Deputy. Now his immigration status is part of the story. Fox 26 reporter Kristine Galvan has been following this story this morning. She's LIVE downtown. Kristine:

Good morning, guys. There's a lot of new developments in this story, the first though, we can see is the suspect has his first court date today. He is charged with criminally negligent homicide. Investigators say Jove Vierya failed to yielf the right of way while driving on the Katy Freeway and smashed into a Toyota Forerunner driven by a Harris County Sheriff's deputy. That deputy, Craig Miller died at the scene. His colleagues and neighbors had nothing but kind words when describing him. He's very knowledgable about electronics, and I think part of his expertise with electronics lended itself well in this investigative support. He was a loving father and definitely caring for what was in the best interest of the community, and we're going to miss him, and I'm so sorry. The funeral arrangements for Deputy Miller are set to take place at 2 o'clock today in Katy. In the meantime we are also learning that Vieyra entered this country legally with a work visa, but investigators tell us that work visa had expired at the time of the accident last week. We're LIVE downtown. Kristine Galvan, Fox 26 News

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