Friday, March 21, 2008

Who are the EMOs and Why are They Under Attack?

It is very common in my house for my parents to turn off the American news and switch to satellite news from Mexico and Latinamerica. Who can blame them right?

When i find time i sit down and listen and most importantly compare the type of news reported as well as the quality. I'm not going to lie, there is bias in Mexican news as well. I don't think that you can get away from that really.

Yesterday I was frozen when i saw a group of youth getting attacked in the streets of Queretaro just for being EMO's by an anti-emo movement.

Who are the EMO's you may ask yourself?
I have a mexican cousin who lives in the USA and identifies herself as EMO... she would wear a lot of dark clothing (kind of like a goth style), dark make-up, long bangs that would cover half her face. She was and is prefectly functional and lives a normal life with her own choices and tastes in clothes and music; I also have perfectly normal human conversations with her.

If you ask me, I don't know much about this social movement, but I know that they are youth just like us who are trying to express themselves through their own ways and they are being bullied by the ignorant masses.... Sound familiar?

Well, i was also surprised that the Statesman wrote about this, but i was also glad.

Although this is not directly related to the DREAM Act, I couldn't help but to understand them (the Emos's) and feel their frustration as they were marching through the streets of Guadalajara and México DF. All they were asking was respect, dignity, and a time and space to be.

Emos under attack

By Jeremy Schwartz | Thursday, March 20, 2008, 02:38 PM

In the last couple of weeks, a particular subculture of Mexican youths, who dub themselves “emos,” have come under violent attack throughout the country. Two weeks ago in the otherwise quiet colonial capital of Queretaro, mobs of kids attacked the emos in an attempt to force them out of the city’s main plaza. A week later, the violence arrived in Mexico City, when emos who hang out at the Insurgentes Metro stop were attacked by gangs of punks and soccer fans. Rumors of more attacks in Mexico City and the northern state of Durango are floating around the Internet.

So who are these emos, and why so much hate? Emos here in Mexico are bound by a specific fashion style (black clothes, tight jeans, huge bangs, black eye makeup) and ideology: according to several Internet sources, a strong chord of sadness, depression and sense of being misunderstood by the larger society runs through emo thought. Bands like Good Charlotte are emo favorites. And self mutilation is apparently common among kids heavily into the emo scene.

Anger against the emos has come from many quarters: punks and goths who think emos are ripping off their culture, homophobes who don’t find emos masculine enough, and those who simply seem threatened by a group that is so different than the mainstream....(More)

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