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UK students discuss new immigration bill

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USI conference warns against new immigration Bill

By Steven Carroll

The Irish Times (Dublin), March 26, 2008

The basic human rights of non- EU citizens living in Ireland could be violated if the Government pushes ahead with the strict new legislation it has proposed on immigration, student leaders have said.
The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) annual congress yesterday heard that the proposed immigration legislation, which was published last month and is before the Oireachtas, would make it easier for the Government to detain and deport illegal immigrants.
The USI said it opposes the Bill because it 'infringes on the human rights of immigrants'. They also voted to oppose the introduction of identity cards for non-EU citizens.
Students also argued that people seeking asylum would be placed in unnecessary legal limbo for long periods while the state considered their application.
USI president Hamidreza Khodabakhshi said intercultural dialogue was a major theme for its congress because it encompassed two major concerns for students - combating racism and advancing co-operation throughout the EU.
'USI support the thrust of the Government's intercultural approach, but we will tell ministers that parts of the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill are unjust,' Mr Khodabakhshi said.
'This Bill would allow immigration officers to detain asylum seekers indefinitely - possibly for several months or longer - while an asylum application is being prepared.
'Asylum seekers should have their cases processed and fairly adjudicated within a reasonably short space of time, fixed by law.'
Speaking on proposals for identity cards for non-EU citizens living here, USI equality officer Ryan Griffin said: 'Civil liberties which were fought for and won by Irish people over generations are seriously imperilled by this shocking proposal to increase State surveillance capacity.
'In countries where identity cards were introduced, they started as being exclusive to immigrants - only to create a society where the Government has the power to spy on law-abiding individuals.'
The annual USI conference, which continues until tomorrow in Bettystown, Co Meath, is being attended by student representatives and delegates from third-level institutions across the country.
Environmental issues, minimum wage, the Lisbon Treaty and the availability of the morning-after pill are all subjects up for discussion.
A number of political figures are due to take part, including Ruairí Quinn (Labour), Senator Déirdre de Búrca (Greens), Kieran Allen of the People Before Profit Alliance and Eoin Ó Brúin of Sinn Féin.
The Press Association (U.K.), March 25, 2008
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