Sunday, May 16, 2010

Accepting Yourself as You Are

Now that I am past 50, I have to admit that I occasionally think of doing something to make myself look younger.  The thought doesn't last long.  I tell myself that if I want to look young, I ought to use my energy and time to eat well, sleep enough, and live a stable, happy life.  

The truth is that is you don't sleep enough, eat badly, drink a lot or use drugs you will look old really fast.  

Even so, the temptation never goes away.  I look at myself in the mirror and am reminded that I have thin lips.  I know I could go get a shot that would make them look puffy like Angelina Jolie (you can't tell me that hers are naturally like that), but part of what holds me back is the cost.  Plus, I figure eventually fat lips will go out of style.

What really counts is what is inside of you.  Are you a kind person?  Are you honest and ethical?  Are you thoughtful?  Are you curious?  Is your mind open to continuous learning?  People who have these qualities are often very attractive.  Its not fat lips or a tight abdomen that make someone love you.  Its what is in your soul.


Beauty at the end of a needle: A day in the life of a cosmetic surgeon

Plastic surgery is becoming a billion-pound industry in the UK. More of us than ever are ready to pay, and suffer, for a more perfect body or less lined face. Susie Mesure watched a practitioner at work
Sunday, 16 May 2010 - London Independent
Platelet facial rejunvenation, or the vampire facelift, is a 
popular alternative to surgery

Platelet facial rejunvenation, or the vampire facelift, is a popular alternative to surgery

A pert pair of buttocks faces upward; the woman's body prone like a sunbather, a paper G-string preserving her modesty. But for the butcher's black markings on her tanned skin and the surgeon hovering above, she could be lying on a Riviera beach, the envy of her fellow holidaymakers. It seems inconceivable that this perfect body is the target of the liposuction procedure that Roberto Viel, giant syringe in hand, is poised to perform – and yet it's to complete Independent article

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