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Hunger Strike in Michigan- Tell Stabenow to Sponsor the DREAM
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
The Dream is Coming

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STARVING: Seven Students go on Hunger Strike to Urge Stabenow’s Co-Sponsorship of the DREAM Act

Detroit, Michigan – May 18th, Dayanna, 20, Betty, 17, Angeles, 18, Maribel 20, Vicki 21, Luz 20, and Vanessa, 18, from Detroit and Canton have decided to go on a Hunger Strike until Senator Stabenow co-sponsors the DREAM Act and stand ups and demands that the DREAM Act be passed. These actions are in solidarity with the three undocumented students who were detained following a sit-in at Senator John McCain’s office.

Inspired by the courage of Mohammad “Mo” Abdollahi, who has risked being deported to Iran, where he would most certainly face capital punishment for his sexual orientation, local students have been motivated to mobilize and make the DREAM Act a reality.

Striker Dayanna along with her sister Betty, are amongst the undocumented students taking part in the strike. Dayanna states, “I went to school here, I played sports, I was in the band, I’m a normal student, and a piece of paper shouldn’t change that.”

Angeles, an undocumented student, has a 3.6 G.P.A and is ranked 15 out of 300 in her class. She has received numerous citizenship and honor awards. She states, “The thought of so many students like me that struggle through pain and tears upsets me. The thought that these students, who place all of their effort on their education, cannot attend the very best schools angers me! No student, no person, no human being should be denied the chance for higher education because of where they come from, I will starve for every one of these students in order to get our representative Debbie Stabenow to stand up and pass the DREAM Act NOW! “

Luz, a student at the University of Michigan, was recruited by Mohammad encouraged her to fight for the DREAM Act. She say , “Mo was like an older brother and mentor all at the same time.” She is joins the strike inspired by the risk her close friend is taking and knows this struggle cannot end without the passage of the DREAM Act.

These strikers along with the other four students are starving for their dreams and the dreams of the thousands of undocumented students who asking for the passage of the DREAM Act.
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