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May 1

Posted on May 2, 2010 by felipe
Trail of Dreams

Hello friends,

Yesterday was the beginning of a new stage for our movement. About 30 individuals got arrested in Washington, DC. They sat down in front of the White House and refused to leave. We left our shoes behind, the same shoes we wore the day we started walking on Jan.1st, as a symbol of thousands in our communities that disappear due to our broken immigration system.This is our official statement. May 1st is the end but the beginning of a new chapter that all of us will write together!

We leave them in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the struggle for the liberation of the unauthorized.

We leave them as a testament to the thousands of unheard stories of divided families and broken dreams collected along the journey.

We leave them as a symbolism of the human cost to this broken system of broken laws that continues to “disappear” innocent individuals in our ‘democracy’.

We leave them for all who will come after us that may dare to take even a single step in our shoes.

We leave them, because we understand that the next step of this journey must be taken by Obama, Congress, and each of you.


At the end of this long, but incredible journey, we leave behind our shoes in the space we should have rightfully been able to take, had we the rights to truly stand up for our rights and our humanity without being selectively prosecuted.


To me the shoes represent my path to liberation and as they worn off and my feet got soared and blistered I saw those as symptoms of the greater fight that I still have to engaged to be able to find a place for myself, for my family and for everyone I love. And to make this country a little bit more just.


These shoes touched the soil of the country I have grown to love and call my home. These shoes are a reminder that it takes courage and determination to achieve and accomplish your dreams. We have accomplished our set goals; We arrived DC and now it’s time for President Obama, Congress, and us to put on our shoes and walk towards reaching our dreams.


I leave my shoes as a reminder to every young person losing hope…we must never live in fear.
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