Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Santa Muerte

A few days ago I noticed that another one of my neighbors had la Santa Muerte on the back window of his pick up truck.  You see them often on Houston freeways.  The common talk is that those who show the images are narcotraficantes.  I'm wondering if its more than that.  She is representing the era of death for Mexico.  With 9,000 people killed last year alone from the narcoguerra, poor medical care, most of the population living far below poverty level, it is no wonder that people would turn away from Guadalupe and towards the inevitable one.

Mexican President Calderon is meeting with President Obama this week.  I wonder if they are talking about Mexico's era of death.  

Santa Muerte/Saint Death
Catherine Sasanov
Thin Girl
White Girl
You love the sweet smell of your handiwork.
What last resort drives the living to you?
Do you recognize yourself in their hands?
Man bearing his hand-carved Death in his arms.
Death snuggled among marshmallows in a vvicker basket.
Death in a crib, crooned to sleep by a girl.
Death locked in a car, lording over the dashboard—
Good Old Plastic Muerte


Meeting between Obama and Calderon

Border security talks wrap with Obama pointing to issues with Ariz. law, Washington Post, May 19, 2010

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