Monday, May 17, 2010

Tania Unzueta
Monday, May 17, 2010
The Dream is Coming
My name is Tania Unzueta and I am an undocumented immigrant.

I have lived in Chicago since I was 10 years old. I came with my mother to join my father, who had found a stable job and a promise to legalize his status. Eventually our tourist visas ran out, and my family became undocumented.

For years we lived in a small basement, then a small apartment. When we moved here, my dad had been offered a job with the promise of regularizing his status through employer sponsorship, 245-i. Our family was going through that process when the workers began to organize a union, and asked for the support of my dad. He gave it to them, which resulted in his dismissal from his position, and an end to the sponsorship.

I too have tried and failed to regularize my immigration status. When I graduated from high school I went to Mexico to try to apply for an international student visa, so that I could attend the colleges to which I had been accepted. Even though I was the captain of my swim team and an honors student, my visa was not accepted. Eventually I was able to get a humanitarian visa to come back to Chicago. I pinned a lot of hopes for my future on the 2003 DREAM Act. It failed. I hoped again in 2007- to the same result. Ever since then I have only tried to do the best I can with my life, trying to have a balance between being happy, giving back to my community, and working for the passage of the DREAM Act. Join us.

■Co- ‐founder, Chicago- ‐based Immigrant Youth Justice League
■Organizer, U.S. Social Forum
■Graduate, UIC, B.A. Sociology, Minor in Gender and Women’s studies
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Facebook: Tania Unzueta
Twitter: @ilehlainat
Country of Origin: Mexico
Current City: Los Angeles
Age: 26
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