Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama Humor on Arizona..


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Vicente Duque said...

Marie-Theresa :

Thanks for your presence - Thanks for your fight for Kindness and Humanity !


How to Replace Arizona Business : the Grand Canyon, Diamondbacks, John McCain, GoDaddy, Alcor Cryonics ( freezes your corpse ), Jenna's Porn - Guide to Arizona Boycott

How to boycott Arizona and survive to tell the tale :

This is a humorous website that tells you how to replace AryanZona's Products and Services by Decent things from other states that are not contaminated with Racism, Bigotry, etc ...


Your Guide to the Arizona Boycott: Porn, Sky Mall, and P.F. Chang's


Some excerpts ( Please go to the above link to see the Humor and laugh out loud ) :

So you want to protest Arizona's stupid new immigration law by boycotting the state, like San Francisco did. Okay. Can you live without Sky Mall, P.F. Chang's, domain-name registration and internet pornography?

Arizona, the refried-bean swastika state, has made it legal for the police to detain anyone on suspicion of being Mexican. This is a remarkably stupid and harmful law, even for the state that gave us Barry Goldwater, and in response, some people are recommending a boycott of Arizona.

That doesn't sound too bad! We have effectively been boycotting Arizona for years by not thinking about it, or going to it, ever, so this should be pretty easy. And you're aided by the fact that most Arizona businesses suck. Even so, you should cross-check our list to ensure you are fully compliant (all info courtesy the never-wrong internet scholarly location "Wikipedia"):


Vicente Duque