Monday, May 3, 2010

For Those Who Celebrate in Arizona

This image is from a 1930 Saturday Evening Post Cover, made in the days when Jim Crow was alive and well.  This romantic scene brings to mind what could be left of Arizona when all the brown people leave.  Some of those people who won't be picked up by the police will be celebrating - sort of like bringing back those chivalrous times of the Old South.

Washington Post - May 3, 2010

Professor, Chicago Theological Seminary

Suspect thy neighbor

Arizona's new and far-reaching immigration law is bad on a lot of levels, including economic, social and legal , but it is also profoundly corrosive from a moral standpoint.
"Reasonable suspicion" as the pretext for law enforcement deciding whom to investigate relies on the idea that it is OK for our primary approach to our neighbor to be one based on distrust, before that neighbor has done anything that might be considered wrong. This is a disastrous attitude for a democracy to develop because it will erode the very cement that holds us together as a people.

This new Arizona immigration law is morally corrupting of who we should want to be as an Americans who live in an open society and cherish freedom and democracy. It's more like the closed and suspicious societies behind the "Iron Curtain" that we decried so much during the Cold to complete WP article

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