Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Home

Posted on May 14, 2010 by felipe
Trail of Dreams

When the car approached Miami I couldn’t contain myself. I could already imagine the smell of Cuban coffee and the loud people. I took a deep breath- I was home. Every corner of this city is a part of me and I am part of it. I remembered my first kiss, where I started and broke up important relationships, my friends’ home, my high school. My eyes immediately filled with tears. How can someone say that I don’t belong here?

One of the most powerful feelings of my life was our return home. I was afraid to find a community that had been modified by time, on the contrary, I found the same place that has fostered my talents, dreams and plans. For many Miami is a town for fun and beach but for me this is the place I’m forming a life. It’s a vibrant place, full of life and laughter, even though this has been the stage of so many of my tears and strive. The four of us met here in Miami. Gaby was the mighty leader that I admired, Juan was the young man that I decided to build a life with, Carlos was the man that was always frustrated about the system. We grew together in our process of liberation although sometimes we fell short. Too many times throughout the walk, Gaby was denied a voice due to patriarchy or Juan and I were victims of homophobia. In moments of confusion, we stuck together and created a front to protect ourselves from outside pressures and attacks. It was in our love for each other, for this country and community that we found the strength to conquer our own fears.

When we were just a few blocks from Gaby’s house Juan whispered to my ears: If I hear someone saying “Oye” I might just cry. Gaby shouted with a funny squeaky voice- muneca- when she saw her cat. Carlos kept saying. “I can’t believe we are back”. I watched that historical moment and I was taken aback when I saw the palm trees and the vibrant colors in some of the houses around us. I thought to myself: I did it for you! I walked 1,500 miles because I don’t want this beautiful love story to end. I don’t want our love for Miami to be abruptly interrupted by broken policies. We want to stay, contribute and continue building a city that fosters other youngsters dreams and aspirations.

Although this stage of our journey is over there is so much to be done. Our community continues to be attacked and our current administration has not changed their deportation policies. We will stay strong on our quest for freedom. We remain steadfast with those who came before us and gave us the inspiration to fight. We will take our ranks in this battle for justice. Our fight is not over !
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