Saturday, May 22, 2010

College or a Baby

The last few weeks I have been spending some time at a local high school.  I have a seen a number of girls taking their babies to school.  I was talking to a high school class and mentioned birth control and Planned Parenthood and the kids inundated me with questions.

Many young women get pregnant while in high school and college.  Most these days have abortions.  I am not saying I am for or against that.  What I am against is getting pregnant in the first place.  If you are female and you are in school, you can kiss your education good-bye if you have a baby (married or unmarried).  Some young women have been able to finish high school and/or college, but its near impossible.

The college community of Houston is very fortunate to have a Planned Parenthood clinic a few blocks from the University of Houston.  The clinic not only offers birth control. It offers all sorts of other services that women need.

Back in the seventies, college girls used to fill up a car and drive to the big Planned Parenthood location in downtown Houston.  For some the drive was over fifty miles.  College was so important to them, they knew they have to get their degree before they began to think of motherhood.  Forty years later  birth control is much easier to obtain.  Don't let your life pass you by, wait until until you are ready before you give life to someone else.

Birth Control allows you to prevent pregnancy and plan the timing of pregnancy. Find the birth control method that would work best for you.
Planned Parenthood
4600 Gulf Freeway
1st Floor
HoustonTX 77023
P: 713.522.3976
F: 713.535.2437

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The Fergusons said...

I'm going to have to call b.s. on the assertions in your post. For the first part it is certainly not impossible to continue an education with a baby, just much harder. The fact that you witnessed mothers with their children in class proves the point. They were there with receiving their education. Secondly, it's a poor move to jump on the bandwagon of pitting mothers against their're just asking for the complete breakdown of society when you take such an intimate relationship and try to convince women that one half of that relationship should be viewed as an enemy to their personal fulfillment. Finally you state that you're not saying that you're "for or against" abortion, but the fact that you advocate for Planned Parenthood (nation's largest abortion provider) and birth control, betrays your leanings. All hormonal contraceptives today work as abortifacients, preventing the zygote from implanting in its mother's womb. Any time that you start to pit one person against another for the sake of personal gain, you are doing the same thing that so many have done to immigrants - de-humanizing them and creating hatred. Shame on you.