Saturday, December 18, 2010

Five Votes were needed in the Senate for the DREAM Act to pass

"We see the light while walking in darkness"

Rosa Alvarez,, 512-698-1061
Karla Resendiz,, 214-558-6721

Washington, DC - This morning, a bipartisan majority in the US Senate voted in favor of permitting debate on the DREAM Act. Unfortunately, 60 votes were needed and the measure will not move forward this year. We are thankful to the 52 Democrats and 3 republicans who stood by us, and ashamed of the 41 Senators who voted to kill this critical piece of legislation that would create a path to legal status for up to 2.1 million young people in America.

We are disappointed and angry. Not only was the vote harmful to the nation, but the rhetoric used by many Members of Congress ignores reality in a disturbing way. Undocumented young people who need the DREAM Act are hard-working and full of potential. We have worked, and continue working, to get educated and be a positive contribution to society. We will remember in future elections who these senators were that chose to use their position in congress as a pulpit for hateful rhetoric, and failed to do the right thing for millions of young people seeking an education.

Our campaign may be coming to an end and a new stage in our movement for dignity and human rights is about to begin. We will continue fighting for our dreams, and we will be able to mobilize an army of dreamers. Some of them will be future doctors, engineers, educators, and business leaders that will create jobs and opportunities. Some of them will be future soldiers and generals to represent us in the military. All of them will fight for a stronger and more united America. Our hopes for the future are based on a history this nation of immigrants has already lived. That is why we hope, that is why we dream. We see the light while walking in darkness. We see the dawn before the rest of the world.

As undocumented leaders, we urge dreamers across the country to stay strong and
healthy. This is a hard moment for all of us, but more than ever before we have each other to rely on. Sooner or later, the dream is coming true!

Matias Ramos
Writing Fellow | UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education 
Founding member | United We Dream Network

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